Spencer Rittmann

Spencer Rittmann


  • CF-L1


  • Bachelors in Exercise Physiology


Where are you from: West Bend, WI

Something interesting about yourself no one really knows: I was a big book nerd in grade school and had the most accelerated reader points.

Favorite “cheat” food: ice cream and margs & Mexican food

Other profession: former job coach for Harrigan Development Services, part time server at Timmer’s Resort, future student at MATC for Physical Therapy Assistant

Reason why you wanted to be a coach: help people achieve their goals, have fun during a workout, and build connections with others

Why is AMRAP Method special to you: I started at AMRAP very organically working with Nate R.as his job coach. The atmosphere was incredibly welcoming and I really loved the vibe/feel. I started working out there at a skinny 155 pounds and a very fresh college graduate without a real path. AMRAP has helped given me a path and grown my confidence that I never had before. I have grown quite a bit both mentally and physically while being at AMRAP!

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