Micah Martin

Micah Martin


  • CrossFit Level 1


  • Wisconsin Lutheran College, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Where are you from: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Something interesting about yourself no one really knows: I love watching movies, and making my own cinematic films! 

Favorite “cheat food”: triple cheese burger with a large onion ring, side of ranch, and a Mexican coke!

Other profession: I’m a videographer and photographer.  I love being able to convey other’s ideas, passions, and business ventures whether it be on screen, or through a frame. 

Reason why you wanted to be a coach: I’ve always had a passion for helping others achieve their goal. Even though fitness has been a part of my life, I have still faced personal challenges with it. I have gone through injuries, have lacked motivation, and have battled with the fast food life. Overall, those things aren’t easy and become hard to attain when you’re alone. So being able to help someone achieve their goals, and knock down the obstacles they face is something I enjoy seeing everyday. 

Why is AMRAP method special to you: AMRAP Method prioritizes your health and fitness goals as soon as you walk through the door. Joe and Hali have created an atmosphere where individuals can have fun, laugh, and achieve their goals at their own pace. That’s very important to see, and it’s the biggest reason why I love this place

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