Joe Moro

Owner of AMRAP Method
Joe Moro


  • CrossFit Level 2.
  • Trains D1 University of Kansas scholarship swimmer Brigid Gwidt
  • State champion swimmers for Cedarburg, Charles Gwidt, and Isaac Fleig
  • All American lacrosse athlete Kyler Ringgold.
  • Podium finisher in the state tournament for triple jump - Gabe Olsen


Coaching/Athlete Training Resume: Brigid Gwidt- Full ride to Kansas for swimming. Isaac Fleig- State champion swimmer for Cedarburg. Charles Gwidt- State champion swimmer for Cedarburg. Kyler Ringgold- All-American lacross player for USM. Gabe Olsen- Podium finisher triple jump for Cedarburg. 

Where are you from: Johnsburg, Illinois

Something interesting about yourself no one really knows: I actually do do my squats!! Also, when I’m not at the gym I’m actually not as outgoing as people might think. I really like being a couch potato and keeping to myself and my family.

Favorite “cheat” food: Pizza and Oreo’s of course!

Other profession: stay at home dad and masked vigilante at night

Reason why you wanted to be a coach: 5 years ago I was looking for my calling in life and I found it with CrossFit coaching. I get to wake up every day and help people get better and achieve goals they didn’t think they could. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Why is AMRAP Method special to you: AMRAP gave me and my family an opportunity to control our own destiny. It gives me and my wife more time together and more time with our family than when she was working 12 hour shifts at the hospital. Now, we get to go to all of our kids’ school functions, be home at night with them and be our own boss. AMRAP has changed our lives so much!

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