Our Team

Hali Moro

Owner of AMRAP Method

Age: 33

Credentials/certifications: RN, BSN, CrossFit Level 1, BLS, ACLS, Certified Working Against Gravity Nutrition Coach

Where are you from: Fond du Lac, WI

Something interesting about yourself no one really knows: I’m a fan of pretty much all music, love classical/instrumental. I sang in my dad’s country band when I was little… I will eat anything once.

Favorite “cheat” food: Le Pepitos from Boulangerie Du Monde in Cedarburg

Other profession: Operating Room RN at Orthopaedic Hospital of WI and full time mom of FOUR, five including Joe 😉

Reason why you wanted to be a coach: I wanted to help people see the same success I did after I found CrossFit. I never stuck with anything before and really, I found myself with a lifestyle that didn’t make me happy so one day I decided to start working towards making myself happy. I found CrossFit, loved the idea and stuck with it. Along the way I found myself in the best shape of my life and the happiest I have ever been. I know if I could come from where I did, that others could find their happiness through CrossFit too. I wanted to use all the feelings and situations I went through with my own personal journey to relate to others and help them walk the same path, but this time with someone who knew exactly what they were going through. And not just me, but build an entire community who could look to each other to continue on as well!

Why is AMRAP Method special to you: It’s my second home. It’s filled with people I want to see and help succeed. Its filled with genuine, caring, and supportive mom’s, dad’s, siblings, grandparents, families, athletes, students, just every day down to earth people. The people I want to surround myself with, the people just like me and the people the opposite of me, yet we all just come together in this one place and work together as a family. Celebrate each other like a family.

Joe Moro

Owner of AMRAP Method

Age: 32

Credentials: CrossFit Level 2. Trains D1 University of Kansas scholarship swimmer Brigid Gwidt. State champion swimmers for Cedarburg, Charles Gwidt, and Isaac Fleig. Also trains All American Lacrosse athlete Kyler Ringgold.

Where are you from: Johnsburg, Illinois

Something interesting about yourself no one really knows: I actually do do my squats!! Also, when I’m not at the gym I’m actually not as outgoing as people might think. I really like being a couch potato and keeping to myself and my family.

Favorite “cheat” food: Pizza and Oreo’s of course!

Other profession: stay at home dad and masked vigilante at night

Reason why you wanted to be a coach: 5 years ago I was looking for my calling in life and I found it with CrossFit coaching. I get to wake up every day and help people get better and achieve goals they didn’t think they could. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Why is AMRAP Method special to you: AMRAP gave me and my family an opportunity to control our own destiny. It gives me and my wife more time together and more time with our family than when she was working 12 hour shifts at the hospital. Now, we get to go to all of our kids’ school functions, be home at night with them and be our own boss. AMRAP has changed our lives so much!

Brittany “B” Herrick 

Age: 36 Don’t you know you should never ask a woman her age? 😜

Credentials: CrossFit Level 1, USAW L1

Where are you from: Appleton, WI

Something interesting about yourself no one really knows: I LOVE musicals.

Favorite “cheat” food: Burger, tots, chocolate malt

Other profession: Health Coach and Mental Performance Coach

Reason why you wanted to be a coach: I enjoy seeing other people celebrate small wins each day mentally and physically as they work hard and realize what they are capable of. 

Why is AMRAP Method special to you: There’s no place like AMRAP. The community that Joe and Hali have fostered is like nothing I’ve experienced. Everyone is embraced for who they are and each person genuinely wants the other to succeed. It’s one of the most supportive environments I’ve been a part of and I’m blessed to be part of the AMRAP family.

Holly Anderson

Age: 23

Credentials: Bachelor’s in Rehabilitative Science

Where are you from: Grant Park, IL

Something interesting about yourself no one really knows: I LOVE baking all types of desserts just as much as I love eating them!

Favorite “cheat” food: Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza in Chicago and DQ cotton candy blizzard

Other profession: Student at CUW working towards Master’s in Occupational Therapy

Reason why you wanted to be a coach: Health and wellness through nutrition and exercise has always been a big part of my life from always playing sports. Being able share that passion and see progress in others makes work not actually work, but rather shared successes and victories.

Why is AMRAP Method special to you: AMRAP Method creates such a welcoming and supportive community that prides themselves in customer service. Joe and Hali work with each individuals’ goals and prioritizes their wellbeing shown through their time and efforts with getting to know their clients, which sets AMRAP apart from other gyms.

Tori Pierce 

Age: 30

Credentials: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids, NASM Personal Trainer, CPR/AED, Working Against Gravity Certified Coach Where are you from: Appleton, WI

Something interesting about yourself no one really knows: I was Kendall Jenner’s body double for a music video

Favorite “cheat” food: Key lime pie

Other profession: I’m a full time coach! Previously I was a professional dancer in New York dancing for Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Selena Gomez in music videos, live performances, television and fashion shows.

Reason why you wanted to be a coach: While coaching in Brooklyn since 2017, I was constantly inspired by the coaches dedication to the CrossFit methodology and to its members. I have taken that guidance and continue to further my education to train and support athletes to the best of my abilities while learning how to be better along the way.

Why is AMRAP special to you: With being new to the Grafton area, I’m looking forward to joining the community at AMRAP which has already shown me how supportive and dedicated its staff and members are.

Nathan Reske

Age: 23

Where are you from: Grafton, WI

Something interesting about yourself no one really knows: I visited the White House in 2005 to meet President Bush as a representative of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Favorite “cheat” food: Ice Cream – Ben and Jerrys on H&D.

Other profession: Colectivo

Reason why you wanted to be a coach: I want to motivate others to achieve the benefits I have experienced and see them improve.

Why is AMRAP Method special to you: It has helped me improve many areas of my life. Physically and mentally, my self esteem and confidence has all gotten better. I feel like AMRAP Method is a family experience. Everyone motivates and cheers for each other.

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