AMRAP Active (Bootcamp)

Not feeling weightlifting yet? Looking for a bootcamp feel? We’ve got you covered. This fun circuit style class is high intensity designed to get you fit! You won’t find a barbell in this class, just fun, smiles, and sweat.

When we first opened we really wanted to bring something different to the area! So we created our ACTIVE class that has something for everyone.

Looking for a perfect compliment to weightlifting? ACTIVE class is designed for you too! We work and build those accessory muscle which means as a whole our body is much stronger for those big lifts!

Personal Training

Not a group exercise kind of person? Get one on one training with our certified personal trainers at a time that’s convenient for you. We take an individualized approach and focus on your needs to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, everyone new to fitness needs to have a personal touch. That’s why we start every new member with personal training sessions so we can get to know you, analyze your movement and teach you slowly so you get it right and adjust slowly at your own pace.

At AMRAP Method we take pride in tailoring every workout to fit your specific needs and abilities. All of our professionally trained coaches ACTIVELY coach each class you attend. We pride ourselves on our commitment to you! These methods are used across all programs we offer.

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