Holly Anderson

Holly Anderson


  • Bachelor’s in Rehabilitative Science


Where are you from: Grant Park, IL

Something interesting about yourself no one really knows: I LOVE baking all types of desserts just as much as I love eating them!

Favorite “cheat” food: Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza in Chicago and DQ cotton candy blizzard

Other profession: Student at CUW working towards Master’s in Occupational Therapy

Reason why you wanted to be a coach: Health and wellness through nutrition and exercise has always been a big part of my life from always playing sports. Being able share that passion and see progress in others makes work not actually work, but rather shared successes and victories.

Why is AMRAP Method special to you: AMRAP Method creates such a welcoming and supportive community that prides themselves in customer service. Joe and Hali work with each individuals’ goals and prioritizes their wellbeing shown through their time and efforts with getting to know their clients, which sets AMRAP apart from other gyms.

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